signature cocktails

Twin Pole Daiquiri

Pineapple Rum, Vodka, Pineapple, Raspberry

The Twin Pole made a return to WA after a 10 year hiatus. What a day it was! These icy poles were disappearing off the shelves in supermarkets- sparking many posts on Facebook to find the elusive Twin Pole!

This was a no brainer – why don’t we give our customers the cheeky adult version of the Twin Pole Daiquiri – topped with their very own Twin Pole!


Frangelico, Chocolate liqueur, Bacardi, Vanilla, Nutella

Who doesn’t love Kinder Bueno? Originating in Italy in 1978 &  is one popular chocolate bar around the world.

We love creating cocktails from our childhood favourites -taking our customers back down memory lane. This was created by our talented bartender, Taty. You can find her most nights shaking, blending & mixing up a storm.

Caramilk Martini

House made Caramel Vodka, Baileys, White Caramel, Cream

The Caramilk Martini- the cocktail of all cocktails, we first released this October 2019. This went viral throughout the Facebook world. Over 7000 comments, 534 shares & 2000 likes -to date it is still one of our most loved cocktails. We raided every shop within Baldivis & surrounds to get our hands on this liquid gold- Sorry to those who couldn’t get a bar! To this day we have done 4 different re-shakes of our Caramilk Martini- from the Caramilk Egg-tini at Easter to the Boozy Caramilk Shake.

Watermelon Sour

House made Watermelon Sour infused Vodka, Watermelon, Lemon, Sprite

We love infusing our own vodkas & we love sours! We often get requests from customers to make a certain cocktail with their favourite lolly. We work hard behind the scenes to make sure our cocktails are just right. It means trial and error, adding a bit more of this and a bit more of that –getting that perfect balance of a little bit sweet & a little bit sour. That is where the background of Brooke, being a chef comes in- understanding flavours has a huge benefit of creating cocktails.

Lemon Meringue Martini

Limoncello, Lemon Curd, Lemon, Cream

The secret to a great Lemon Meringue is to have a tart lemon custard & a sweet perfect Meringue on top. We couldn’t go past creating this into a cocktail- & what a hit! The Lemon Meringue Martini is the 2nd re-shake of the cocktail. A hit with customers to finish off their meal- & leaving them wanting to lick the glass clean. This is another recipe in our little black book of cocktails that is under lock & key.

Redskin Daiquiri

House infused Redskin Vodka, Raspberry, lime

One thing about making cocktails- We love seeing our customers reactions to them. From comments on social media to when they arrive on their table with the comments ‘Oh my look at that!’ and ‘Wow!’ Our Redskin Daiquiri has that reaction. A delish raspberry cocktail made with our house infused Redskin Vodka & topped with floss. It is one that is meant for the gram!

Biscoff Martini

Vodka, Coffee, Caramel, Biscoff, Cream

The Biscoff Martini exploded when we released it. Lotus Biscoff quickly became a trend in 2021 -you could find Biscoff Pancakes, Ice cream, Waffles, French Toast- but for Catalano & Co we could not miss this opportunity to bring you the Biscoff Martini!

This recipe is safe guarded – one that has been created by Brooke & has been sought after from other bartenders around the country! Still one of our most popular cocktails to date. You can now find it on our regular menu.  


Musk Margarita

House infused Musk Tequila, Alize Rose, Lime, Lemon

We love a good Margarita. One of the most favourite cocktails to be released on a Cocktail Thursday is a Margarita variation. The humble Marg is so versatile which makes it a great cocktail to flavour. This tested the boundaries of getting the perfect flavours- to taste like musk, to have the kick of the tequila & have a little sweetness but still a hint of sour.  The Musk Margarita exploded & became a hit with our tequila loving customers.