Fish of the Day

Fish of the Day $M/P [GFO] Fresh catch of the day grilled & served with optional lemon butter sauce


Calamari $28 [GFO] Grilled or Salt & Pepper

Chilli Calamari

Chilli Calamari $29 [GFO] Calamari pan fried in a chilli, garlic, white wine & Napoletana sauce

Garlic Prawns

Garlic Prawns $34 [GFO] w/ choice of creamy garlic or garlic infused olive oil


Gamberoni $35 [GFO] Local tiger prawns grilled to perfection

Chilli Mussels

Chilli Mussels $23 [GFO] Local mussels in white wine, chilli, garlic, Napoletana sauce served w/ crusty Italian bread